Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Join Jill and her friends at the Dumfries Yoga Day for Nepal !

I was lucky enough to have been helped by ROKPA Trust when I was 25 years old and was suffering from serious depressive illness. At that time I was a nurse living in Edinburgh. I had been off sick for 5 months with no signs of recovery. A friend of mine mentioned that ROKPA Trust had a community called Lothlorien in SW Scotland who helped adults with their recovery from mental illness. I promptly got on the phone to Brendan (the manager at the time) and within a few weeks I had joined Lothlorien community. I lived there for a number of years and during that time discovered my love of nature, gardening, baking cakes and the countryside. I will always be grateful for the help and support I received at that time.

In 2014 I travelled to Nepal with some friends and stayed in the ROKPA Guest House in Kathmandu. We also visited the ROKPA Children's Home next door and the ROKPA Women's Workshop. Inspiring projects which transform lives. My own son Laurence has had so many opportunities in life and he is now happily studying medicine at Glasgow university.

My travels in Nepal and the subsequent earthquake have spurred me on to start fundraising for ROKPA Nepal, and hopefully raise awareness of this wonderful charity. 

Last year I did a sponsored walk up Blencathra in January in the snow and then organized a yoga day for Nepal. Both raised over £1700 for ROKPA Nepal.

On 1st May I am organizing another Yoga Day in Dumfries and a raffle for ROKPA Nepal and the Sri Aurobindo Ashram orphanage in Nepal.  Four inspiring yoga teachers: Johnny Glover, Carol Godridge, Moira Forsyth and Jackie le Broqc are donating their time to teach on the day, and local artist friends have donated artwork for the raffle. My partner Andy and friends Ana and Jane are cooking a delicious lunch. A wonderful team effort !!

If anyone would like to join us on the yoga day please email me at

If you would like to buy a raffle ticket they are £2 each. I have a paypal account set up to purchase them. Again email me at the address given.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

ROKPA UK Newsletter 2015

The winter edition of the ROKPA UK Newsletter is out now, so if you haven't got your copy, you can find out what's been happening here.  

And if you're still looking for last minute gifts then look no further!  Our socks and gift cards make heart-warming presents and they change lives too.  We can post your gifts until the 22nd of December, so have a look here and phone us with your order now, on 013873 73340.  In the meantime we're sending our very best wishes to you, from everyone in the ROKPA UK office. x

Sunday, 25 October 2015

An Update from Nepal

Earthbag Construction - a tried and tested method
It's now 6 months since the first earthquake struck Nepal and still there is so much to be done.

In the immediate aftermath, thanks to your incredible generosity, ROKPA played a vital role in getting supplies of food, medicine and shelter to outlying villages, thereby saving lives and helping to ease some of the suffering on the ground.

As the country moves towards the reconstruction phase, we are keen to help wherever we can with the rebuilding of schools, many thousands of which have been damaged or completely destroyed.  We have started experimenting with rammed earth-filled bags - a tried and tested method which has proven to stand up well to earthquakes - but have had to put our plans on hold as we await the new building guidelines from the Government of Nepal.  However, we are hoping that once the new National Reconstruction Authority is established, we can get our projects underway.

We are also hoping for a quick resolution to the current fuel shortage, so that winter goods can be distributed to vulnerable households before the winter snows set in, and essential building materials can be delivered to where they are needed.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Repairs to the Children's Home

Three months after the first earthquake hit Nepal, the repair work to the Children's Home is now coming to an end.  We are extremely lucky not to have sustained more serious damage.  Many, many others have not been so fortunate, however, and so - thanks to your generosity - we are reaching out to them as best we can.  We have been delivering life-saving supplies of food, medicine and shelter.  We are supporting a Handicraft Association, helping them to get back on their feet following the destruction of their looms.  And now we're taking a good, hard look at how we can be most effective in the longer term.  
None of this would be possible without your kindness and care and we are deeply grateful to our friends and supporters who've taken the time to make donations; to fundraise on our behalf; and to send messages of support.  Thank you all for everything you're doing to help.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Helping the most vulnerable to help themselves

Over the last 35 years ROKPA has been responding to requests for help from some of the most vulnerable members of society in Tibetan Areas of China; Nepal and Zimbabwe.  We usually work in partnership with local groups and our intention is always to empower those in need to help themselves.  It is this ethos that is the hallmark of ROKPA's work and this is why our projects are so well-received and so successful.

An hour from Kathmandu, in the region of Thankot, is a group of weavers who have lost their homes and their working tools and although they have outstanding orders from clients, they have been unable to generate any income for almost 3 months.

ROKPA has therefore joined forces with this Handicraft Association and is helping to fund and equip a new workshop, on land belonging to one of the weavers.

So, in the aftermath of the recent earthquakes, ROKPA continues to apply its founding principles - helping where help is needed - and helping local people to stand on their own feet.